Can today’s cozy Christians become the countercultural prophets God aches for to be? Will we repent—turn around to God—and be able to vitally embody the transformative lifeway that Jesus practiced and offered? Raised in our over-civilized and ecocidal society, what traits must we rediscover to be partners in God’s plan, so that instead of being anxious foot-draggers and bland bystanders we can be salt, light, and leaven in a future where God mightily uses our gifts?

Over the upcoming months, I’ll be blogging about these questions. I’ll be writing about our current predicament and our incredible potential as children of God, and the wilderness testing that has always been God’s way to craft a transformed people. I’ll be writing about how we might become deeper allies of God: more love-spreading, culture-defying, fear-abolishing, earth-honoring followers of the Jesus Way. And I’ll be writing about some of the highlights I see in our society today: some of the Spirit-filled cultural initiatives and social movements that are already shifting our society toward a positive future in an uncertain time.

Read on, if you are willing to be transformed and become one who transforms. The road is long and there are no maps. Together we have a journey of doing and undoing to begin. Remember that we follow a ferociously loving and fantastically living God, whose unbound Spirit is always present and active, ready to lead us even in the most troubling of times.

May the wild return.


9780836199482When did we become so tame? How has “the good life” come to mean addiction to screens and status, fossil fuels and financial fitness? Can we break free to become the joyful and prophetic people God calls us to be? Trek along with wilderness guide Todd Wynward as he “rewilds” the Jesus Way. Seek the feral foundations of Scripture and the lessons that the prophets and disciples gleaned from wilderness testing.

Packed with inspiring stories of how contemporary people and groups are caring for the land and each other, Rewilding the Way issues a call to action. Read about how reskilling and local food covenants are transforming churches, and how place-based activism and creative housing are nurturing communities. Learn from those who are recovering from affluenza, replacing visions of personal wealth with the commonwealth of the earth and restoring their humble place in the community of creation. Do you despair about life on our changing planet? Join the hopeful band of seekers of God and makers of change who are rewilding the Way.



Todd Wynward is a public school founder, small-scale farmer, wilderness educator and Mennonite organizer for watershed discipleship in the Mountain States region. He has been engaged in education reform and social change movements for twenty years, and has spent more than a thousand nights outdoors. He and his wife Peg founded a wilderness-based public charter school in 2001 and are now creating TiLT, a discipleship co-housing community emerging in Taos, NM. Richard Rohr calls Wynward’s novel, The Secrets of Leaven, “a spiritual roller-coaster that skewers everything we think we know about organized religion, social change, and human potential.” More of Todd’s writings and doings can be found at TaosTiLT.org and his Author Page on Facebook.

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